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Our business is dedicated to providing Souththern California residences with professional home repair and general construction of the highest quality at truly competitive prices. We are licensed and bonded by the state of California and EPA Certified Firm

For both house cleaning and office cleaning, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods, including dry absorbent compound cleaning, bonnet/pad cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning has become the number one option for carpet and carpet upholstery recently. This is because it is among the most effective cleaning methods and is Eco-friendly.

Our truck mount carpet cleaning process begins with injecting extremely hot water (which itself is a germ-fighter) deep into the fibers of your carpet. The water agitates dirt, pollen, dust mites, dust and other allergens loose, and then everything is sucked up by our powerful truck-mounted vacuuming system.

The only thing that is left is an extremely clean carpet, free of all of those unsightly and unwanted particles that used to be clinging to all of the fibers within your carpet.

Although you may worry that carpet cleaning to frequently can harm your carpet, in actuality, the opposite is true. Dirt and other debris actually breaks down the fibers in your carpets, leading to a worn look and a shorter lifespan.

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